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In addition to our extracurricular activities, we also work with schools and create on-site in school classes.

Teachers from K'werk Zug prepare a teaching sequence for teaching visual design and carry it out in half classes. The development of an individual visual language, process-oriented creative design and the associated promotion of interdisciplinary skills are important to us.

We have currently developed three specific offers, which we would like to present briefly. More information can be found under the links on the “Zug Kultur” platform.

Designing with Lego printing

You only know Lego for playing? I know something better: we can print with it! In this course, we will delve into the world of printmaking and explore how Lego can be integrated into this process as an artistic medium. The combination of traditional letterpress printing with modern materials opens up new perspectives and inspires experimental approaches. The focus is on practical application. The children learn by trial and error how they can create unique pictures with Lego bricks.

1st–6th grade

one morning in half class

Our offer on the platform «Zug Kultur»

Intuitive drawing

How do I get from the movement of intuitive drawing to the picture? In this course we merge movement, music and text. Using action theater and theater pedagogical exercises, we explore the space and the body in space. We then transfer these dynamic movements to paper by using lines and associative writing as forms of artistic expression. Dive into the world of intuitive drawing and discover how performance can expand your creative expand your creative boundaries.

3rd–9th grade

one morning in half class

Our offer on the platform «Zug Kultur»

Capturing landscapes

How do you capture a landscape on canvas? In this course we look at the landscape with an artistic eye. We learn to observe colors, mix them into colors and create color palettes. We pay attention to the lines in the landscape and recognize which ones are essential for the picture. We understand volume and proportions in the real world and can transfer them to paper. All of these processes are full of experiments that provide new experiences and insights that are directly reflected in the image.

4th–9th grade

one morning in half class

Our offer on the platform «Zug Kultur»

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