Drawing and Painting

Art studio

Drawing and painting are your passions! Do you want to evolve? You can enhance your imagination and your skills in using different techniques and materials: we look and observe, sketch and paint and use our imagination by complementing, combining, multiplying, arranging, abstracting, adding, etc.
In this art studio you will learn how to realize your ideas and create your own picture projects. We will guide you on your way with individual advice.

Age: from 10 years
Time: Tuesday, 17:00–19:00
Duration: 23 October 2018–22 January 2019, 12 x 2 hours
Cost: CHF 320, materials incl.
Teacher: Noëlle von Wyl, Designerin und Dozentin Bildnerisches Gestalten
Exhibition: Saturday, 26 January 2019

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