Architectural Space 1

In Search of Open Spaces in Cities

In this architectural workshop we will explore a huge park in the Spanish city of Valencia. On our journey of discovery we will look for inspirational ideas from a dry riverbed which runs through the city. It provides open spaces and activities for all ages. We will compare different types of spaces in cities and forests, and come up with our own ideas for recreational spaces. Playgrounds, green areas and nature parks will be discussed. Our ideas will be presented through drawings, freely designed city plans and models.

Age: from 8 years
Time: Wednesday, 14:00–16:30
Location: K’werk Zug
Duration: 24 October–28 November 2018, 6 x 2,5 hours
Cost: CHF 220, materials incl.
Teacher: Yvonne Urscheler, Architect
Exhibition: Saturday, 26 January 2019

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