Portrait & Streetstyle

Fancy an exciting insight into the world of photography? Do you want to take great portrait photos and know the tips and tricks of photographers?
Then this is the workshop for you! Get to know the functions and possibilities of the camera, read light and shadow, choose the right image detail and optimally stage your subject.
We will take pictures of each other, try out different techniques and learn everything about creating a great picture. You will shoot creative portraits with daylight, capture movements, learn how to handle a flash light, and gain an insight into the world of image editing.

Age: from 11 years
Time: Saturday, 9:00–12:30
Duration: 27 October–10 November 2018, 3 x 3,5 hours
Cost: CHF 180, materials incl.
To bring: Snack
Teacher: Tanja Gschwandl, Photographer
Exhibition:Saturday, 26 January 2019

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