Taking photos in the zoo

Imagine standing face to face with a wild boar or feeling the wind made by the wings of a bird of prey! Are you fascinated by photography and love photos of animals and plants in the outdoors? Then come on a photo safari in Tierpark Goldau. We will see Alpine Ibex, deer, wild boar and many other animals and plants. The zoo offers many interesting and different subjects that you can capture with the camera. You will learn about photography techniques and get an insight into Photoshop, with which you can edit and improve your photos.

Age: 11–16 years
Time: Monday–Wednesday, 10:00–16:00
Duration: 16–18 April 2018, 3 x 6 hours
Cost: CHF 255, materials and entry incl.
To bring: Lunch
Teacher: Carmen Casty, Künstlerin und Visuelle Gestalterin
Exhibition: Saturday, 23 June 2018

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