Experimental workshop

In the realm of forest dwellers

The forest is alive with all kinds of animals, insects, fungi and plants. Can you imagine a fox's den? Who lives under the beautiful moss cushion? Many fairy tales and legends are also about stories that take place in the forest. Which dwarf is hiding behind the colorful toadstool? We are inspired by stories from the forest and draw and paint to them. We experiment with various materials and their creative possibilities such as clay, plaster, collages and simple printing techniques and apply them in a playful way. Have you become curious? Your ideas and your enjoyment of drawing and design are in demand.

6 to 9 years

Saturday 10:00–12:00

February 24–Juni 15, 2024, 12 x 2 hours

CHF 330 including material

*30% surcharge for participants from outside the canton

Brigitt Andermatt, artist and illustrator

Saturday, June 22, 2024

This course is completely booked out

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