Comics and Illustrations

Hairy giant robots with pretty braces

This course is all about cool heroines and funny guys. Weird animals are also welcome! We let our characters talk to each other and have adventures. Do you want to know how to draw different facial expressions for your character? Do you want to create an exciting sequence of pictures? We'll use all kinds of pens and different papers to test what works well. We'll try out the collage technique and a printing technique. Are you curious? Then you're ready for an "apprenticeship" as a comic artist!

9 to 14 years

Wednesday 14:00–16:30

May 1st–Juni 19, 2024, 8 x 2,5 hours

CHF 280 including material

*30% surcharge for participants from outside the canton

Rahel Ilona Eisenring, illustrator and animation designer

Saturday, June 22, 2024

This course is completely booked out

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