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An extracurricular educational and cultural program

K'werk Zug is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2010 as a private initiative. It is Zug’s Bildschule (a creative arts school) that is organised as an association and is now financed through foundations as well as private and public funds. K’werk Zug supports the artistic education and promotion of the creative potential of children and adolescents and, as an extracurricular educational institution it contributes to the cultural enrichment of the canton of Zug.

K’werk Zug is a member of the Konferenz Bildschulen Schweiz, which sets the requirements and criteria for teachers and quality teaching. Together with the nationwide network, K’werk Zug demonstrates the social and cultural importance of Bildschulen.

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The stimulating and supportive teaching atmosphere enables the children to gain a broad knowledge of the visual arts, and supports them in their personal strengths of artistic expression, in their perseverance and critical thinking. The children and adolescents are supported by qualified course leaders in the development of their own ideas and professionally accompanied along their new artistic journeys.

The courses take place weekly in small groups with about 10 children. Our studio rooms provide a solid framework for creative instruction. During the school holidays, K’werk Zug also offers workshops and open action days, often in cooperation with other institutions.

At the end of each semester there is a public exhibition of works, at which all of the children's and youth's work is presented. The event gives the interested public the opportunity to talk to the course leaders and the school administration and to get to know the program more comprehensively and to discuss any thoughts and concerns.

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We are K’werk Zug! We are Zug’s Bildschule (creative arts school) for children and adolescents up to 16. The K stands for children (Kinder), art (Kunst), creativity (Kreativität) and culture (Kultur). K’werk Zug introduces children to the areas of design, art and architecture, and encourages aesthetic awareness using creative procedures and processes. The wide range of courses is led by professionally qualified teachers. The aim of K’werk Zug is to promote the visual language and expression of young people and thus the creative design and related interdisciplinary skills. At the end of each semester, all the work produced is presented in a public exhibition.

K’werk Zug is a non-profit organization and was founded on a private initiative in 2010. K’werk Zug is financed through foundations, private and public funds.

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K’werk Zug promotes the creative potential of children and adolescents aged 6 to 16 years.

Art & creativity

Creativity is an interdisciplinary ability. Bildschulen (creative arts schools) promote creative, technical and craft skills and initiate creative thinking and learning processes.


The diverse program of K’werk Zug includes semester courses and workshops in the analog and digital space. A special focus is on teaching architecture and building culture.


In cooperation with cantonal and municipal educational institutions and with the Konferenz Bildschulen Schweiz, K’werk Zug integrates and provides creative expertise for children in a non-formal education setting. K’werk Zug hires specialists with a design certificate and pedagogical experience.


Public events or project days with schools and other institutions complement the normal program of K’werk Zug. The program design is based on the age of the children and adolescents as well as their interests and skills. All works are presented to the public at the semester exhibition.


Through cultural education, children and adolescents are empowered to act and encouraged to participate actively and responsibly in society.


“Conference Bildschulen Schweiz”, KBS

“The KBS is committed to ensuring that all children and young people of all ages in Switzerland have access to an expanded art and design education. It promotes the development and expansion of art schools throughout Switzerland and their professional and didactic-pedagogical quality. To this end, it enters into targeted cooperative ventures. Its representatives present themselves in the educational context as professional partners for innovative ideas to promote cultural participation. At the national level, the KBS is committed to the nationwide state promotion of high-quality art and design education as part of the educational landscape. It is committed to an open dialogue with the representatives of primary schools.”

A joint project of the Swiss art schools