Turn a lump into a finely sculptured object

Have you ever experimented with clay? Or wanted to see what it looks like? Let your ideas fly around your head like a dragon above a fairy village?
We will explore how to turn your abstract ideas into something three-dimensional with clay. You will learn tricks and techniques in knocking, hitting, rolling, shaping, cutting, scratching, squeezing, swiping, pressing ... and finally you will glaze your newly created objects.
You will learn where clay comes from, what it consists of, what you can do with it and the steps to make pottery.

Age: from 10 years
Time: Wednesday, 17:00–19:00
Duration: 24 October–5 December 2018, 7 x 2 hours
Cost: CHF 215, materials incl.
Teacher: Jennifer Kos, Hochbauzeichnerin und
Art Education Studentin (ZHdK)

Exhibition: Saturday, 26 January 2019

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