Architectural Space

Living fantasies: swimming with fish or circling with eagles?

Where do you want to live? In the depths of the ocean surrounded by mystical creatures or perhaps high in the air over the mountain peaks? Together with friends or living alone? In this workshop we will use our imagination to find out how we want to live. There is room for your ideas and wishes in your dream world. You will build small rooms in your own model and experience large spaces in our built environment. At the same time you will learn a lot about your real living situation.

We will plan, build and construct. We will work with bamboo, cut polystyrene, glue cardboard, bend wire, form clay and create new living ideas from recycled materials. Build, explore and invent the most different types of spaces and learn more about the world of architecture and building culture in this Architectural Space worshop!

Age: 8–12 years
Time: Wednesday, 14:00–16:30
Duration: 4 March to 8 April 2020, 6 x 2,5 hours
Cost: CHF 225, materials incl.
Teacher: Yvonne Urscheler, Architect
Exhibition: Saturday, 20 June 2020

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