Water world

Who lives deep down at the bottom of lakes? What do the feet of a merman look like? How can you use watercolor paint to represent the floating hair of a mermaid? How would you illustrate a message in a bottle? Could you draw with a reed?
We will work with different materials and techniques such as loam and plaster, collages and simple printing processes. In a playful way you will get to know and apply many creative possibilities, including painting and drawing. Your ideas and the joy of designing are in demand.

Age: from 6–12 years
Time: Saturday, 10:00–12:00
Duration: 23 February to 1 June 2019, 12 x 2 hours
Cost: CHF 320, materials incl.
Teacher: Brigitt Andermatt, Künstlerin und Illustratorin
Exhibition: Saturday, 22 June 2019

This course is completely booked out.

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